VPSA Storage Array & Flash Array User Guide

Zadara Storage Cloud was architectured from the ground up to build the first “Enterprise-Storage-as-a-Service Data Storage System for the Cloud” with the following key targets:

  • Enterprise quality, resilient, highly available, consistent performance storage for the most demanding data center application workloads

  • Consumed as a Service - flexible, dynamic and billable

  • Scale out - grow to hundreds of Storage Nodes, thousands of drives and multi-Petabyte Storage

  • True Multi-tenancy - End-user controlled privacy and security. Separate workloads, resource allocation, and management per tenant, such that each tenant truly experiences “no noisy neighbors” secure storage.

  • Universal Storage - Supports all data services on one common infrastructure: Block, File, Object

Zadara provides the following offerings:

  • VPSA Storage Array - a hybrid virtual array that supports both HDD and SSD drives

  • VPSA Flash Array - an array optimized for efficient utilization of flash media

Explore our user guide to provision and administrate your VPSA Object Storage.