Version 23.03-SP1-158

Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-23197 - Enhance delete-objects (multi-delete) performance, specially helpful with use-cases where multi-delete is commonly used (i.e. backup applications)

  • ZSTRG-23358 - Fixed an issue where drive replacement was rejected

  • ZSTRG-25881 - Fixed an issue where GET returns 412 HTTP for a multipart object with ETag verification

Command Center

  • ZSTRG-25263 - Fixed an issue where retrieving VPSA capacity trend returns an error

VPSA Storage Array

  • ZSTRG-24280 - Fixed an issue where deleting an empty pool was failing due to orphan volume entry in the Recycle Bin

  • ZSTRG-24270 - Fixed an issue where FC paths were indicating the wrong status while zoning was removed

  • ZSTRG-25903 - Fixed an issue where iSCSI initiator login doesn’t create a server record


Version 23.03-SP1 brings a variety of security fixes and improvements across the entire zStorage product line, strengthening protection and enhancing user safety. Notable changes include the following CVEs:

Version 23.03-227

VPSA Storage Array

  • ZSTRG-25289 - Fixed an issue where NFS share may get hang

  • ZSTRG-25201 - Fixed an issue where volume deletion may fail if the standby VC is not in normal state

  • ZSTRG-25038 - Fixed an issue where creating a new server record from the management interface will strip the CIDR (issue was introduced in 22.06-SP1)

Provisioning Portal

  • ZSTRG-25261 - Fixed an issue where activation URL sent by email is not working as expected

  • ZSTRG-25276 - Fixed an issue where VPSA Public IP is not visible

Version 23.03-221

Provisioning Portal

  • ZSTRG-24241,ZSTRG-25087,ZSTRG-25119,ZSTRG-25073,ZSTRG-25141 - Fixed various security vulnerabilities

  • ZSTRG-25171 - Fixed an issue with public IP assignment for VPSA/Object Storage instances

Version 23.03-214

VPSA Storage Array

  • ZSTRG-22281 - Upgraded SMB engine (4.17), addresses security and performance issues

VPSA Flash Array

  • ZSTRG-24043, ZSTRG-24042, ZSTRG-23279, ZSTRG-23621 - Defragger performance improvements and tiering optimization

  • ZSTRG-24493 - Fixed an issue where file analytics presentation was not presented properly

  • ZSTRG-24167 - Fixed an issue where VPSA hibernation failed

  • ZSTRG-23967 - Fixed an issue where raid-group wasn’t released from a pool after shrinking was completed

Command Center

  • ZSTRG-21109 - Fixed an issue where SNMP V3 Auth key and Priv Key were not save after edit

  • ZSTRG-20148 - Fixed an issue where remote authentication with Okta as the LDAPS provider wasn’t working


Provisioning Portal

  • ZSTRG-21946 - SCSS Attack protection

Command Center

  • ZSTRG-21946, ZSTRG-22020 - SCSS Attack protection

VPSA Storage Array/Flash Array

  • ZSTRG-22019 - SCSS Attack protection

Cloud common components