Release 22.06

The following section will breakdown the main additions and updates to the Zadara Storage Cloud platform on top of the previous 21.07 major version.

Version 22.06-104

VPSA Flash Array

  • ZSTRG-22419 - Fixed an issue where VPSA may crash due to extremely high stat devices count.

  • ZSTRG-22306 - Fixed an issue where Virtual Capacity present negative value.

  • ZSTRG-22299 - Fixed a rare issue where VPSA failed over due to a false-positive allocation protection mechanism.

Version 22.06-99

VPSA Storage Array and VPSA Flash Array

  • ZSTRG-21778 - Fixed an issue that can cause invalid presentation of block volumes data copies capacity, following a process of storage level volume migration between storage pools

VPSA Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-21658 - Add the option to discover a remote Object Storage endpoint using the Cloud Outnet network

  • ZSTRG-20612 - Modified default TTL for an API token to 15 days (from 1 day)

  • ZSTRG-21958 - Optimized authentication flow to reduce latency for initial authentication

Version 22.06-90

VPSA Storage Array

  • ZSTRG-21717 - Fix an issue where paused volume migration job could move to failed state post resume

VPSA Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-20777 - Fixed an issue where pending DB sharding request can impact PUT performance

  • ZSTRG-21646 - Fix an issue where container replication discovery via cloud outnet network interface fails

Version 22.06-89

Command Center

  • ZSTRG-21553 - Fixed an issue where Command Center timezone configuration was ignoring the cloud configuration

Version 22.06-86

VPSA Storage Array

  • ZSTRG-20667 - Fix an issue where iSCSI initiator name containing non-asci characters may cause a VC failover

  • ZSTRG-20005 - Fixed an issue where Project quota cannot be deleted

  • ZSTRG-19644 - Starting of VPSA version 22.06 the integrated McAfee Antivirus is no longer available

  • ZSTRG-19188 - Added NFS4 session metrics in the VPSA metering graphs

  • ZSTRG-17714 - Added IOwait metrics to the VPSA Controllers (performance view)

  • ZSTRG-19012 - Fixed an issue where errors reported for a non-existing volume

  • ZSTRG-17837 - Change the user facing message when detaching a block volume that uses LUN ID 0

  • ZSTRG-17182 - Flash Array performance optimization

  • ZSTRG-17654 - Upgrade Samba SMB service

  • ZSTRG-15328 - Add the option to choose between asynchronous & synchronous for newly created NAS volumes (global/per volume configuration)

  • ZSTRG-2793 - Added support for volumes/pool custom user tagging

VPSA Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-21089 - Fixed an issue where user couldn’t login immediately after account creation

  • ZSTRG-21052 - S3API: fixed an issue for retention time format response upon an update

  • ZSTRG-21039 - S3API: fixed an issue with AWSv4 signatures when using special characters in the object name.

  • ZSTRG-20988 - S3API - Fixed an issue with prefix/delimiter/marker quoting

  • ZSTRG-21017 - Improved Container Replication bandwidth utilization

  • ZSTRG-20968 - Fixed an issue for member user role permissions after upgrading from 21.07 Object Storage.

  • ZSTRG-20850 - Added support for dynamic multi-chunk upload size to the Container Replication data mover.

  • ZSTRG-20828 - Fixed an issue where deleting a document using IBM Filenet returned 500 error.

  • ZSTRG-20612 - Improved API token generation

  • ZSTRG-20475 - Fixed a high latency issue observed due to an internal worker memory footprint

  • ZSTRG-20151 - Fix an issue where applying custom TLS certificate failed

  • ZSTRG-14923 - Fix an issue where the percentage of the policy balance was presenting wrong value


  • ZSTRG-21346,ZSTRG-21322,ZSTRG-21340 - Hardening of the Provisioning Portal and Command Center web applications.

  • ZSTRG-21386,ZSTRG-18648 - Upgraded cross-cloud components to mitigate the following CVEs (among with lower severity CVEs that were excluded from the list)

Known issues and limitations

VPSA Storage Array and Flash-Array
  • ZSTRG-20381, 22.06-86 - SMB: domain admin attempt to take ownership on a folder owned by another user fails in case inheritance is disabled

Revision history

  • 22.06-104, September 2022

  • 22.06-99, August 2022

  • 22.06-90, July 2022

  • 22.06-89, July 2022

  • 22.06-86, July 2022 (GA)