Compute Project Overview

Zadara Cloud Services enables creating, configuring, running, accessing, and managing Virtual Machines (VMs).

The Compute Project Overview provides a number of widgets and graphs which summarize key resource usage statistics of VM instances used in your project.


  1. Summary - VMs - provides the number of VM instances used, including a count per VM instance state (running, active, error, shutoff).

  2. Summary - Volumes - provides the number of volumes used and their status.


  3. Top Virtual Machines - displays the top 10 VM instances based on resource usage: CPU Usage, Memory Usage. Network usage (receive), Network usage (send).


  4. CPU Usage - displays the total CPU usage of all VM instances in your project.


  5. Memory Usage - displays the total memory usage of all VM instances in your project.


  6. Network Usage - displays the total network transmit and receive rates.


  7. Network Drop - displays the total network packet drops.