DHCP Option Sets


A DHCP options set is a set of network configurations that will be delivered to your VM instance when its interface acquires an IP address using the DHCP protocol.

  1. DHCP options sets are associated with a project so that you can use them across all of your virtual private clouds (VPC).

  2. The supported options for a DHCP options set are as follows:

    1. Domain-name-servers - The IP addresses of up to four domain name servers, or ZadaraIaaSProvidedDNS. The default DHCP option set specifies ZadaraIaaSProvidedDNS. Although the custom DNS server is used, the DHCP-supplied DNS server to the VM instances will always be ZadaraIaaSProvidedDNS and the custom DNS will be queried indirectly by ZadaraIaaSProvidedDNS.

    2. Domain-name - This value is used to complete unqualified DNS hostnames. This is set by default to ‘symphony.local’.

    3. NTP-servers - The IP addresses of up to four Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers.

    4. Netbios-name-servers - The IP addresses of up to four NetBIOS name servers.

    5. Netbios-node-type - The NetBIOS node type (1, 2, 4, or 8).

Creating a DHCP Option Set

To create a DHCP Option Set:

  1. Navigate to the Networking > DHCP Option Sets view.

  2. From the top toolbar, click Create.

  3. In the Create DHCP Options dialogue, enter the following in the appropriate tab.

    • Details tab:

      • Name - name of the DHCP Options Set.

      • Description - optional description of the DHCP Options Set.

      • DNS Domain - valid DNS domain name (e.g. xxx.com)

    • Servers tab:

      • DNS Servers - IP of DNS Server associated with DHCP Options set being defined. Definition of DNS Server is optional.

      • NTP Servers - IP of NTP Server associated with DHCP Options set being defined. Definition of NTP Server is optional.

    • Netbios tab:

      • Netbios Node Type - The following types may be selected:

        • Type 1 - B-Node

        • Type 2 - P-Node

        • Type 4 - M-Node

        • Type 8 - H-Node

  4. Click Finish.

DHCP Options Set Operations

After creation of a DHCP Options Set, it will be displayed in the list in the Networking > DHCP Options Set view. The following operations can be performed by selecting a DHCP Options Set from the list, and clicking the appropriate icon from the top toolbar:

  • Modify - change name of the DHCP options set.

  • Attach VPC - attach DHCP options set to VPC.

  • Detach VPC - detach DHCP options set to VPC.

  • Delete - delete DHCP options set.