Network Interfaces


Zadara Cloud Services UI supports network configuration for VM instances based on the following common network concepts:

  • Subnets - Standard IP subnet based on IP address and mask.

  • Network Interfaces - A network interface is simply a specific IP address assigned to a VM instances. To help maintain network consistency, a network interface can be defined as an IP on a specific subnet. The UI will ensure that the selected IP is within the selected subnet.

Creating Network Interfaces

To define a network interface:

  1. Navigate to the Networking > Network Interfaces view.

  2. From the top toolbar, click Create.

  3. In the Create Elastic Network Interface dialogue, enter the following:

    • Name - name of the network interface.

    • Description - optional description of the network interface.

    • VPC - VPC on which the network interface should be assigned.

    • Subnet - select from an existing subnet configured for the VPC or define a new subnet to be added to the VPC.

    • Private IP - select private IP within the subnet defined above.

    • Security Groups - select security group to control the traffic on the network interface.


      For more information on security groups, see Security Groups Introduction.

Network Interface Operations

After creation of a network interface, it will be displayed in the network interface list in the Networking > Network Interface view. The following operations can be performed by selecting a network interface from the list, and clicking the appropriate icon.

From top toolbar:

  • Modify - to change name of the network interface.

  • Security Group - to change the security group associated with the network interface.

  • Delete

  • Detach Subnet - to detach a specific network interface from a VM instance.

From lower toolbar:

  • Overview - to see general information related to VM instance associated with the network interface, select Overview tab.

  • Events - to view configuration events (info) or alarms for the network interface, select the Events tab in lower portion of view.